Visual Ideas

St. Margaret, O.P.

This presentation is about St. Margaret of Hungary. Her credo is one of the clearest and most accurate operational definitions of spirituality ever seen. Her dedication to God is exceptionally serious. St. Margaret.pdf

The Hungarian Spirit

The slides present the greatest Hungarian figures and their achievements in the last 250 years. All has world significance and impact. The essence of the Hungarian spirit is suggested to understand as existential questioning, contrarian thinking, and ingenious creativity. The Hungarian Spirit.pdf


Pécs, a city of Southern Hungary was the cultural capital of Europe in 2010. These slides try to capture the richness of the spirit of the city.  The Spirit of Pécs.pdf

Spiritual Leaders

The slides present the most important spiritual leaders of humanity and their key messages from Moses to Aung San Suu Kyi. Spiritual Leaders.pdf

Is Business Ethics Hopeless?

This video animation created by Laszlo Zsolnai presents a position about the hopeless hope of ethics in business and economic affairs. Is Business Ethics Hopeless?

Is Business Necessarily Evil?

This short video animation created by Laszlo Zsolnai raises fundamental questions of business ethics and ethical business. The vide can be seen here.

The Cambridge Scholarship

These slides presents the greatest minds of University of Cambridge in science, philosophy and humanities.  They show that the Cambridge scholarship is based on human seriousness, intellectual honesty and breakthrough creativity.  Cambridge Scholarship.pdf

Happiness Actions

These slides are developed on the basis of positive psychology and Buddhism. They help to generate healty habits to achieve happiness.Happiness actions.pdf

Spirituality Moments: Christianity and Buddhism

Slides try to capture the essence of Christian and Buddhist spirituality using the works of Italian poet Dante and Tibetan philosopher Milarepa.Spirit moments Christianity and Buddhism.pdf

European Faces

Slides show the most famous human faces painted in European art in the last 1000 years.European Faces.pdf