Spirituality as a Public Good

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Luk Bouckaert & Laszlo Zsolnai (eds.) Spirituality as a Public Good. Garant, Antwerpen-Apeldoom, 2007. (This book may be available at: European SPES Forum)

The ongoing process of globalisation, deconstructing our familiar social identities and institutional settings, makes it necessary to find new and deeper sources of self-orientation and moral imagination. Formal rational ethics does not suffice. Ethics needs spirituality as a driver to find its inner purpose and meaning.

Selected papers from the foundational meeting of the European SPES Forum in Leuven (Belgium) in 2005, explore the fascinating relationship between spirituality, ethics and economics in the context of globalisation. The first part focuses on the emergence of spirituality within economics and business while the second part elaborates on the  influence of globalisation on spirituality. It is said that globalisation made the world into a global village, are we heading for a world spirituality? Preface.pdf