The Roles and Duties of Management

In 2017 Spring Laszlo Zsolnai teaches an elective course "The Roles and Duties of Management" in the CEMS MIM program at the Corvinus University of Budapest. The course introduces the new management profile based on the CEMS MIM qualification framework. The future international manager is defined as a reflexive practitioner who is committed to environmental sustainability, exercises social responsibility, works with sensitivity toward gender and diversity issues, harmonizes information and communications technologies with processes and organizational culture, applies holistic perspective in problem solving, cooperates with social and political actors, and  is engaged in progressive entrepreneurship. The course is based on the book "The Future International Manager" (2009 Palgrave)

Syllabus - Zsolnai 2017.doc    Paper.doc

Reading 1 Is Business Management a Profession.pdf  1a Business as Profession.pdf  1b Managerial Oath.pdf

Reading 2 Volans_Breakthrough-Business-Models.pdf   2a Progressive Business.pdf    2b Business Model Innovations.pdf

Reading 3 For the Love of Money - NYTimes.pdf    3a Management as a Reflexive Praxis.pdf   3b For the Love of Money.pdf

Reading 4 Bouckaert The Ethics Management Paradox.pdf     4 Paradox of Business Ethics.pdf   4b Tresorit market entry.pdf

Reading 5 The End of Men.pdf     5 The End of Men.pdf

Reading 6 MSC.pdf      6 Civil_corporate partnerships.pdf

Reading 7 Mintzberg.pdf        7 Holistic Problem Solving.pdf

Reading 8 Knut Ims Happiness.pdf        8 The Business of Happiness.pdf      

Béres presentation

Reading 9 Unilever.pdf     9 The Future of Business Corvinus.pdf

Reading 10 Corporate Functioning.pdf     10 Personal and Professional Responsibility.pdf