Interdisciplinary Yearbook of Business Ethics

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Laszlo Zsolnai (ed.) Interdisciplinary Yearbook of Business Ethics. Peter Lang, Oxford - Bern - Berlin - Bruxelles - Frankfurt am Mailn - New York - Wien, 2006. (This book may be available at: Amazon)

The Interdisciplinary Yearbook of Business Ethics is a product of 20 scholars and practitioners from Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Contributors represent a diversity of fields including organizational science, economics, systems theory, personality psychology, business ethics, finance, management, philosophy, political science, sociology, and ecology. All the papers stand for a more human and ethical approach to economics and business.

The section “New Perspectives and Findings” contains challenging papers on the myth of rationality, corporate social responsibility, critical pragmatism, moral disengagement mechanisms, and ethical decision making. The section “Innovative Practices and Policy Reforms” addresses issues of authenticity in business, sustainable investments, ethical consumerism, and happiness in economics. The “Opinions” section focuses on the ecological sustainability of business. The “Debate” section concentrates on the ethics management paradox, which states that opportunistic ethical initiatives fails. Only genuine ethics works in business. Papers presented in the Interdisciplinary Yearbook of Business Ethics provide good food for thought and inspiration for action for those who are engaged in the never ending “business” of ethics. Summary of the Yearbook.pdf