Ethical Challenges of Business in the New Economy

The CEMS Business Ethics Faculty Group organized a Blocked Seminar entitled "Ethical Challenges of Business in the New Economy" in September 1-7, 2013 in Balatonszemes, Hungary. The seminar was based on the recently published book by CEMS Business Ethics Faculty Group (Laszlo Zsolnai (ed): Handbook of Business Ethics. Oxford, Peter Lang, 2012). The course addressed behavioral, organizational and institutional issues related to doing business in an ethical and socially responsible way. Examples of alternative entrepreneurship will  be  presented too.

Director of the CEMS Blocked Seminar was Laszlo Zsolnai (Corvinus University of Budapest). Faculty included Aloy Soppe (Erasmus University of Rotterdam), Eleanor O'Higgins (University College Dublin), Nel Hofstra (Erasmus University of Rotterdam), Miklós Ligeti (Transparency International Hungary),  Knut J. Ims (Norwegian School of Economics Bergen),  András Ocsai (Corvinus University of Budapest)  and Zsolt Boda (Corvinus University of Budapest).

The program of the course: CEMS Blocked Seminar 2013 booklet.pdf

Slides and readings:

Zsolnai The moral economic man.pdf   Zsolnai Homo Reciprocans.pdf  Shalizi Homo reciprocans.pdf

Soppe Ethics and Finance.pdf   Hillinger Crisis and Beyond.pdf

O'Higgins Stakeholders Perspectives.pdf    Bridging the Gulf - Trust and Banking.pdf

Nel Hofstra Progressive enterpreneurship.ppt   Tencati et al Engaging in Progressive Enterpreneurship.pdf  Hofstra Sustainable Enterpreneurship.pdf  Hofstra Entrepreneurship inspired by Nature.pdf

Knut Ims Well-being and Happiness corrected.ppt

Knut Ims Personal Responsibility.pdf     Ims and Schwartz Take it Personally and Paradox of Choice.pdf

The politics of corruption_ Squeezing the sleazy _ The Economist.pdf

Gyori and Ocsai Eco-enterprises in Hungary.pdf

Boda_globalization_ethics.ppt     Jensen and Sandstrom Stakeholder Theory and Globalization.pdf

Zsolnai Corporate transgressions.pdf        Bandura et al Corporate Transgressions.pdf