CEMS PhD Workshop

 A CEMS PhD workshop entitled "Sustainability and Responsibility in Business" was organized in May 20-21, 2011 at the  Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary. The workshop introduced cutting-edge results and approaches in corporate sustainability and business ethics. Insights from behavioral sciences, positive psychology and ecological economics were applied to arrive at more a robust model of ethical and sustainable business. Working examples of progressive businesses were presented including organic agriculture, eco-gastronomy, ethical fashion and sustainable banking.  The workshop was supported by the TÁMOP research program of the Corvinus University of Budapest.

CEMS PhD Workshop 2011.pdf 

1 Tencati The_Collaborative_Enterprise.pdf

2 Zsolnai Homo Reciprocans.pdf

3 Ims Positive psychology.pdf

4 Tencati Slow Food.pdf

5 Ims Fairtrade Production.pdf

6 Boda Civil_corporate partnerships.pdf

7 Zsolnai Redefining Economic Reason.pdf

Reading 1a The Collaborative Enterprise Framework.pdf

Reading 1b Ghoshal.pdf

Reading 1c Porter and Kramer.pdf

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